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The story of the discovery and study of the phenomenon of IC - Information copies of substances

The spectral characteristics of the substances can be saved by various technical means transferred to the medium and transferred to the body. As a result, the response of the body against the input IC copy of the substance is similar to his reaction to the substance itself.

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How does the technological model of IC work?

IC technology has empirical character because it develops on the basis of experiment. The processes are called the black box, i.e. the science at the present day cannot explain it. Like the electricity for example – we use it but not everybody knows it in theory.

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How a glass of live-giving liquid is becoming an information copy of medical substance?

IC technology, which is already in practice, through ultra-low electromagnet irradiances creates and transfers in large distances IC information copies of medical substances that already exist

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Instructions for the reception and application of IC for different devices

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