How the technology works

Use your personal computer or laptop
This technology allows the transmission of IC preparations from our technical center to any computer connected to the web.

A consumer chooses a preparation on a website, clicks “Download”, and gets connected to a technical center. After that the informational copy (emission) of the chosen remedy is transferred to the consumer’s computer.

The technology is based on the observed phenomena

All substances have their unique properties. Every substance is energy structured in a certain order. Structure is information.

1. If one puts a substance in water, and then makes a number of dilutions to the extent when not a single molecule of the substance is left in water, this water will still have properties different from normal water. This phenomenon is called “memory of water” – the ability of water to keep the information about the substance that interacted with it.

2. If one puts hermetic ampule with a substance into water and keep it there for a while, the water changes its properties. Information about the substance is transmitted to the water without direct contact. An essential requirement for such transmission is external electromagnetic emission.

3. Using the developed technology, one can transmit informational copy (emission) of the substance to another object - a temporary holder. An external electromagnetic field is necessary for such transmission.

4. We have developed a technology that allows to transfer informational copies (emissions) from one temporary holder to another at any distance via communication lines.

Therefore: Informational copies (emissions) can be transmitted on a temporary holder and then transferred at any distance – to another temporary holder – to make an impact on a human body.