Terms of Use

1. Subject

1.1. The present terms and conditions are conditions for use of the "www.bodyfreq.com" website that governs the rules for using "bodyfreq.com", including the conclusion of a sales contract with a merchant from this site. The terms and conditions also include the agreement between the seller and the customer when purchased through www.bodyfreq.com. (https://www.bodyfreq.com/terms-of-use)

2. Trader Details

2.1 www.bodyfreq.com is a web site owned by Global AI Technology Ltd., headquartered in Bulgaria, Sofia, 11 Tsar Asen Str., Ap.6, UIC: BG204636019.
2.2. Global I & C Technology Ltd. administers a multilingual internet platform "bodyfreq.com" in the form of a website www.bodyfreq.com
You can contact us at:
address: 1303 Sofia, Bulgaria, ul. Tsar Asen 11, ap.6
tel .: +359888835969
e-mail: office@bodyfreq.com


3. Terms of Use

3.1. General terms of "bodyfreq.com" are mandatory for all customers and users of the platform.
3.2. Any use of the platform means that you have become familiar with the general terms of use and have agreed to abide by them unconditionally.
3.3. The General Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by Global IC Technology Ltd. at any time by updating them at "bodyfreq.com".
3.4. Global IC Technology Ltd. has the right to make changes to the terms of use at any time in its sole discretion or if they are imposed by virtue of an enacting legal act.
3.5. For every change of the general terms and conditions Global IC Technology Ltd. informs the customers of "bodyfreq.com" by publishing them on the platform. In this sense, the customer and / or user is required to refer to any changes to the terms of service for each use of the platform.
3.6. If any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Platform are found to be invalid or unenforceable irrespective of the reason for doing so, this shall not affect the invalidity or inapplicability of the other provisions.
3.7. The site "bodyfreq.com" contains links (links) to other sites. Global IC Technology Ltd. is not responsible for the policy, privacy and information of websites that it does not administer.


4. Sales policies

4.1. The customer declares his wish to order or purchase a product and / or service via www.bodyfreq.com electronically. The request is registered on the platform on its behalf.
4.2. The bodyfreq.com platform will send a notice to the customer to register its order, which does not have the meaning of accepting, confirming or accepting a commitment to its execution. The notification is also sent electronically.
4.3. The seller provides online access and an opportunity to receive all the information services ordered in the order.


5. Order

5.1. The customer can place orders in "bodyfreq.com" through each page of the information services, following the ordering steps specified.
5.2. Any information service can be purchased if it is active. Ordering an information service without the order being completed does not result in order registration and automatic retention of the service.
5.3. The customer is obliged to make his orders only from his / her pre-registered account system.
5.4. By sending the order, the customer allows bodyfreq.com to contact him in any possible way when required in connection with an order.
5.5. The site "bodyfreq.com" has the right to refuse to execute a client's order, in which case it should notify the customer. The cancellation of the order does not entail any liability for a subsequent obligation of either party to the other party in relation to it, and respectively none of them has the right to seek the other party for compensation for its cancellation in the following cases:
- non-acceptance by the client-issuing bank of an online payment transaction;
- The data provided by the customer are incomplete and / or incorrect.
5.6 The Customer does not incur any costs of returning services offered by "bodyfreq.com" in the event that he cancels the order before receiving the information service. Under these circumstances, the customer may opt out at any time, as long as he has not received the service, on his device. The legal return period is 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. The client should notify this to office@bodyfreq.com.
5.7. The seller is obliged to refund the paid price of the order which the customer has declined within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the respective mail from the customer. The amount will be refunded as follows without incurring any additional costs to the client unless the bank that serves it requires fees.
5.8. The seller has the right to delay the refund until clear questions arise as to whether the customer has already received the relevant service online.


6. Services for which the customer has no right of withdrawal

6.1. The customer has no right to refuse the order in the following cases:
6.1.1. When accessed and already received information service.

7. Confidentiality and protection of personal data

7.1. Global IC Technology Ltd. will operate the personal data specified by the client.
Customer agrees that by providing any of its personal data to "bodyfreq.com" agrees that they may be used for the following purposes:
7.1.1. Customer account maintenance, including order registration, order submission, invoicing, order disputes, or consideration of requirements.
7.1.2. Periodic notifications by e-mail.
7.1.3. Carry out market research, track and monitor sales and customer / consumer behavior.
7.2. According to the Bulgarian legislation, "bodyfreq.com" undertakes to process the personal data under conditions guaranteeing its preservation and preventing its accidental loss and only for the stated purposes.
7.3. Each client has the right to file a written application containing the date and signature by sending it to: Sofia, Bulgaria, 11 Tsar Assen Str., Ap.6, or e-mail office@bodyfreq.com to exercise the right to get information on whether his personal data is processed for which he does not owe any additional fee.
8. Applicable law - Jurisdiction
8.1. These general conditions are subject to Bulgarian legislation. Any disputes arising between "bodyfreq.com" and customers will be resolved by mutual consent or, if that is not possible, disputes will be resolved in the competent Bulgarian courts.


9. Payment

omer has the opportunity to pay the orders made in the following ways:
9.1.1. Payment by credit / debit card via virtual POS terminal.
9.1.2. Payment via SMS operator.
9.2. Credit / debit card payments can be made in Bulgarian Leva or Euro.
9.3. Payments by bank transfer can be made in BGN or EUR.
9.4. Depending on the payment method chosen, the customer receives the necessary information regarding the payment by electronic means.

10. Delivery

10.1. Deliveries are made via online access via the www.bodyfreq.com system from anywhere in the world.
10.2. Orders are shipped to an active computer device of the customer who has access to his account within www.bodyfreq.com.
10.3. The bodyfreq.com platform is not responsible for the delivery due to technical reasons due to the customer's fault.
10.3. The order is certified as received after it is visible and ready to be accessed within the customer's account at www.bodyfreq.com.


11. Settlement of disputes

The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ provides information on alternative dispute resolution that may be of interest if there is a dispute that we cannot resolve between us. For more information please contact us.


12. Other

11.1. The bodyfreq.com platform warns customers / users that the information provided on the information portal cannot replace a doctor's visit, a professional diagnosis, and any treatment.
 Global IC Technology Ltd cannot be held responsible for any and all consequence of the use of this site.


13. Contacts

Customers and users of the bodyfreq.com platform can contact us:
Global I & C Technology Ltd.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Ul. "Tsar Assen" 11, ap.6
tel .: +359 888 8359 69
or via e-mail - office@bodyfreq.com

Last updated: 29 January, 2018