How does the technological model of IC work?

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Sometimes the experiment is consequence of the theory, and sometimes the theory is significantly ahead of the experiment.

In the scientific community there are always differences. Some say “this is impossible”, other think that there are many things that we don`t know yet and this is why we should reach to the results experimenting.

IC technology has empirical character because it develops on the basis of experiment. The processes are called “the black box”, i.e. the science at the present day cannot explain it. Like the electricity for example – we use it but not everybody knows it in theory.

What is IC information copy of biologically active substances?

Definition of some terms:
- Biologically active substance (BAS) – substance which in small amounts (concentrations) can provoke reactions of biological organism. The different BAS can provoke different reactions in the various organisms and can have a different impact.
- Biologically neutral substance- substance which in small amounts (concentrations) does not provoke observable reactions of biological organism.
Some researchers found that when biologically active substances is in close proximity with biologically neutral substance in external electromagnetic field, with certain characteristics, the result is that the neutral substance acquires biological activity.
Thus we can make a conclusion that every substance has information about the image which can be “printed” on another substance through electromagnetic field.

How the transfer over the secondary carrier is happening?

If you have a camera and try to take a picture in completely dark room without flash it will prove that you haven’t shot anything. In order to obtain image (image information) of certain object, the object needs light (electromagnet field) which is reflected by the object and interacts with the camera.

This principle for transfer of information with the help of the electromagnet`s field characteristics is used from long time ago, for example, in homeopathy.
The secondary carrier must be biologically neutral substance, such as – distilled water, mineral or boiled drinking water, physiological saline, plastic, glass, wax, aluminum foil, paraffin, 30-40% ethyl alcohol and others.

Let’s take a look at such use possibility:
• An ordinary laser pointer is used as a source of electromagnet field (vectorial image information)
• Aspirin as active substance
• Plastic plates or conventional CD made of plastic and aluminum as secondary carrier
Some substance (let`s say it is aspirin) is in free state, like object in dark room. We are turning the laser light on and by using the laser beam we irradiate the tablet. Let`s accept (just an assumption because this is a part of the processes in a “black box”) that the material goes in an exited state and emits ultra-low electromagnet field which modulates the laser beam. As a consequence the modulated laser beam interacts ultra-low with the secondary carrier (CD) and changes its status. What exactly is happening with the material on the CD is not clear yet, but the experimental researches show that the CD disk treated this way is able to give specific effect over water by changing some parameters – pH for example, conductance and others.

Thus, by putting the medicine tablet on the CD disk and due to the laser lightning, the IC information copy of the aspirin is “recoding” over the CD disk. Thereafter you can transfer the aspirin properties over water by putting a glass of drinking water upon the CD and wait at least 30 mins.

How to transfer IC information copy through internet?

Using the principle that electromagnet field is the carrier, allows making transfer of the image information of aspirin over large distances.
For example – using long solenoid, where at one end is the main carrier of information and at the other end is the secondary carrier, creating electromagnetic connection the information is transmitted from the main carrier over the secondary carrier.

Basic element of IC technology is the technical center which at this moment is composed of 60 cells. There is secondary copy in each cell (IC) on certain substance. Special website (which will start in the beginning of 2016) is the interface of interaction of the user with the technical center.

Choosing IC information copy will activate the system for connection with the information center where is placed the chosen substance copy.
Establishing the connection in this sequence you will receive information package which contains modulated information via electromagnet field. This field is carrier of IC information copy which is transmitted to the remote user.

The information copy (ultra-low field) is completely transmitted. For example – if you put the CD disk into the recording machine of your computer or even only on the keyboard – the copy will be transmitted on the disk, i.e. situation common to the previous example with the laser beam for transmission.

It is important to note that this technology is developed on the experimental basis. Serious theoretical researches must be done to reach the exact science explanation for the transmission.

What is the benefit using the IC technology?

In the development and improvement of the technology are working 25 different scientist and doctors from the whole world and their number is increasing. Of course each one of them can alone in their specific area related on the development but they are gathering together in order to create unified system available to everyone.

At this stage of development of the knowledges for using the IC information copies cannot be claimed that chemically the medicaments are entirely replaceable.
Nevertheless, using the IC information copies of the medical tablets can reduce the daily dose and to increase double their influence.
IC is not a Magic Stick and there are more efforts that need to be done for the improvement of the technology.