Super innovation product - transfer via internet of IC (information copies) of substances

The Project IC Medicals

It is known that all substances, objects and biological objects that surround us, have background radiation, which bear information about the properties of the emitting object.

Site of G. Benveniste ( published the article "In Memory of Professor Jacques Benveniste Wei Huseh, Chicago, Illinois, USA in March 2005" Memory of Water "and new ways of transmission of information "(

Professor Wei Huseh describes experiments conducted in 2000 by G. Benveniste transfer to the IC via communication lines from France to the United States and the value of these works for humanity.


Transmission of broadcast drugs on different carriers

Group of doctors - consultants Fund DST in the space of the last 12 months made by transfer of electronic copies of medicines of various substances and test their effectiveness. The current work shows that radiation is perceived by substances, regardless of the packaging material: clear or amber glass, metal, plastic, porcelain.

The transfer is carried out on composite of various cosmetics (face, hands), ointment, cream, shampoo, honey.

6 years exploring the impact of information copies of drugs not only on water but also on olive oil, cosmetics, ointments, petroleum jelly, honey, wax, alcohol, aromatic oils, etc.

Convincing results have been obtained when using an information therapy in patients of different ages, not only chronic, but also acute phases of the disease. For example, allergies, trophic ulcers, diabetes, pain of different etiology, etc.





The fact of changing the physical properties of water under the influence of IC MEDICALS preparations no doubt.

The experiments demonstrate that information copies of drugs are similar to the original drug. Electronic copies of pharmaceuticals substances prove efficacy in different diseases. Does not cause doubt the fact that the properties of the drugs are transferred to different temporary media (water, ointments, creams, honey, olive oil, grain, etc.)

Super weak electromagnetic radiation - a natural phenomenon - is typical of every object in our environment. In scientifically developed countries every year growing interest in this phenomenon and to study the properties of water systems.

Now we can talk about the practical application of this natural phenomenon in various fields - medicine, cosmetics, agriculture, veterinary science, sports, etc.

In this connection, in Burgas was established research center featuring Recreation Center "Harmony" under the direction of Dr. Marina Logvinenko and laboratory studies of food and water under the guidance of. X. Mr. Donka Hristova.

More than two years the center carried out systematic studies of distinct types of energy informative effects such as IC MEDICALS preparations and develop methodologies for their application to crops and animals, humans, water, food and non-food products.

By using the device for digital signals for recording on the computer, storage and playback (including transmission through the Internet), information copies of acetylcholine, histamine, ovalbumin and other biologically active substances are emitted by electronic communications networks.

The output they have specific effects on biological test systems.

Features of electronic copies of medicinal preparations:

  • Slower and softer action of the chemical original
  • Some pharmaceutical broadcasts can be used for the purposes of prevention
  • In some broadcasts noticeable effect, which is not a major (or not at all It is not native) for the original.