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Licenses and Restrictions

This website is owned and managed by “New S Net” Ltd. The website performs its activities based on commercial agreement with the owner of the product “GLOBAL BIO.MED IT”. All materials in this website (including graphics, text, icons, display, database, media and general information) are owned by “New S Net” Ltd. You are able to see, download and print materials from the site only for personal, noncommercial use, unless if you ex            pressly agreed with us otherwise. Additionally you can use the materials in traditional public, news and other forums, unless otherwise indicated. You can publish materials form this site in other site or computer network observing our terms of use. You can send and disseminate materials from this site to other site observing our terms of use.

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Notwithstanding the above, we reserve the right at our discretion to reject, cancel or restrict the use of the website, including the access to the content of the site. It is not our responsibility to define “fair use” meaning, for people who want to use materials from the webpage. This is completely user`s responsibility. Furthermore we are not obligated to quote sources, or to guarantee that the materials are compatible for alternative uses. This is also user`s responsibility. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to interpret “fair use” as the law understands, in order to prevent misuses of the materials.

Code of Conduct

You agree that you will not supply or publish, individually or as a part of any collective effort, information on this website that can be considered for harmful or offensive for other users, or to hide your identity or represent yourself as another person vie other common actions. You agree not to do anything that can stop the flow of data towards and from this site; or anything that can effect on the service or on the implementation of the objectives of the site, or to circumvent the rules for use. You understand the due to harmful or offensive actions on your part we can restrict the access to the website and consider legal actions against you.


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Jurisdiction and applicable law

This agreement governs the relations between us and the users. Every action and/or questions related on this website which led to the enforcement of this agreement shell be considered by the law and Court of Republic of Bulgaria. You agree and obey the jurisdiction of Bulgarian Court for the purposes of litigating any such action. If any of regulations in this agreement is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, fully or partially, the other regulations shell not be affected, unless we assess that invalid or unenforceable clause is basic condition for the agreement, in that regard at our discretion we can modify the agreement.

Limitation of Liability

We are not responsible for any special or consequential damages, resulted from the use or the inability to use the materials in this website or linked sites, including but not limited to – health condition, indemnities, business interruption, as well as loss of programmes or other data for your work information system. In no event, our responsibility before you for all damages and losses does not exceed the amount you payed, if any, for access to this site or for the products in this site.

Terms of Use

The information products in this website and every linked site ARE PROVIDED “AS SHOWN” AND WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEES, EXPRESSLY OR BY IMPLICATION. With all the severity eligible by Bulgarian laws, you renounce of any guarantees, direct or by implication, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF TITLE AND WARRANTIES FOR EXPIRATION OF PARTICULAR PURPOSE. We guarantee that the functions of this site will be continuous and with no errors, or that the irregularities will be immediately removed, or THAT THIS WEBSITE or the server that provides it are free of viruses or any other harmful components.

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Questions and Request for copyrights

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